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14. Question: As an EDC member, I would like to continue to support EDC through my membership, but in order to do so, I must be an STLHE member. At the moment, I do not feel comfortable engaging in an STLHE membership given current events. Is there an opportunity for individuals to be EDC members without being STLHE members?

Response: Under current by-laws, paid EDC Members must be STLHE Members, too. While some activities in the EDC are restricted to EDC Members, there are quite a few opportunities for the EDC Community to engage without a paid Membership. Please see: https://edc.stlhe.ca/edc-members/

Please note: A new action group was called during the AGM to explore options; those interested in participating, please contact the EDC Executive (edc_communications@stlhe.ca) – this will be an EDC Member-led Action Group.

13. Question: Are there any processes/bylaws currently in place that enable EDC to separate cleanly from STLHE?

Response: EDC Executive verbally responded to this question during the AGM on Thursday, February 18th, 2021 – please see AGM recording.

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Updates on EDC 2021 Budget

At the February 18th, 2021 EDC AGM, EDC Treasurer, Jenn Martin, updated the EDC Membership that the EDC 2021 Budget had not been approved by the STLHE Board. 

  • Jenn also indicated that the EDC 2021 Budget included $15,000.00 for Inclusivity Initiatives, and noted that EDC currently has nearly $75,000.00 in surplus. 
  • EDC Vice-Chair, Communications, Tommy Mayberry, also celebrated at the EDC AGM that our EDC Memberships are at a record number from 2020, with 307 active EDC Members being our highest number in EDC history.

Following the customary EDC membership feedback process in November 2020, the EDC Budget for 2021 was submitted to the STLHE Treasurer at the beginning of December 2020 to adhere to the usual budget timelines.

  • The budget was not approved at the December 2020 nor at the January 2021 STLHE Board meetings. 
  • STLHE has cited budget concerns related to a COVID-19-related decline in membership and the loss of STLHE conferences as reasons for this delay.

On February 19th, 2021, the STLHE Treasurer requested a detailed breakdown of the proposed Inclusivity Initiatives funds in the EDC 2021 Budget. 

  • This breakdown will be provided to STLHE by end-of-day on February 23rd, 2021. 
  • STLHE will hold its February Board Meeting on February 25th, 2021.