2016 Career Award: Jeanette McDonald

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Distinguished Educational Developer Career Award 2016

[media-credit name=”Jeanette McDonald” align=”alignleft” width=”150″]Jeanette McDonald[/media-credit]

Jeanette McDonald has worked in educational development (ED) for more than 15 years at two institutions: Guelph and Laurier. She has a doctorate of education and a research interest in pedagogy and educational development. A primary focus of her work at Laurier is curriculum development and instructional support at the individual, departmental, and institutional levels. She is active in the educational development community, participating in multiple action groups, serving on the EDC executive (2007-2011) and STLHE board (2015 -), mentoring and supporting the development of others (e.g., EDC Institute), publishing (e.g., first EDC Guide), and partnering on collaborative projects (e.g., Pathways to the Profession).

Jeanette’s nomination package highlighted the following contributions:

  • Her significant work at Laurier University in supporting a positive teaching culture through her facilitation of the Course Design Workshop, the Instructional Skills Workshop, curriculum development activities, graduate courses on teaching and learning and faculty orientations.

 Her extensive contributions to the Educational Developers Caucus through years as a board member (Vice-Chair Communications), member of the Ethical Practices action group and the ED Portfolio action group, reviewer, conference organizer and now member of the STLHE board. Her work on the ED Portfolio group was instrumental in the publication of the first EDC Guidebook on the Educational Developer Portfolio.

  • Her impactful research in the scholarship of teaching and learning, including over fifty invited talks and conference presentations and her seminal doctoral dissertation Becoming an Educational Developer: A Canadian Perspective.

The letters of support provided by her colleagues speak to Jeanette’s strengths and contributions in the following ways:

  • “Jeanette McDonald’s leadership in educational development in Canada has helped transform the landscape of what it means to be an educational developer. By documenting our journeys with the material that emerged from her SSHRC grant, to helping developers create a tool to document our practice, she has had a dramatic impact on educational development nationally and internationally throughout her career. Her steady leadership of numerous projects for the EDC has left an indelible mark on our profession.”
  • “I continue to consider [Jeanette] a treasured mentor and colleague. I know that if I ever needed to ask for advice or a favour, she would respond in a second, and if I wanted to get involved with educational development projects again, she would be the first to welcome me with open arms.”

“There is no one more deserving of this inaugural award as [Jeanette] epitomizes a leader in educational development. Her work within the areas of service, research, educational development leadership have helped shape the path that many new educational developers now follow. Jeanette’s work has also helped to legitimize our field, especially at a time in the early 2000s when we were still looking for an identity.”