EDC Elections – Nominations due April 24

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Dear EDC colleagues, 

It is election time for the EDC Executive and two positions are involved:   

  1. EDC Chair 
  2. Vice-Chair Professional Development

For each, the term of office is two years, with a maximum of two consecutive terms, beginning at the EDC General Meeting held in June. Regular executive meetings are online.  

The Nominations Committee would like to begin the process with an open call for nominations of individuals.  Any member of the EDC may also self-nominate. To nominate a candidate, we ask that you do the following: 

  • Check that the person is a member-in-good-standing of the EDC; 
  • Verify that person’s willingness to stand; 
  • Ensure that the person is able to attend the EDC Annual General Meeting in person (at the annual EDC conference, usually in late February) and the EDC General Meeting in person (at the STLHE conference in June); and 
  • Confirm with the individual that she/he is aware that the time and expenses associated with these meetings is the responsibility of the incumbent and that, if they think it important, they should seek institutional support for this work from their direct supervisor. 

We also note that there is a growing recognition of the financial and other challenges for EDC members to attend both the STLHE and EDC conference each year. Possible ways to alleviate financial burden include the use of technology and a modest annual travel stipend. 

Once you have confirmed that the person is willing and able to make this commitment, please email the Nominations Committee with your nomination before 4:30 pm EDT on Friday, April 24, 2020 (contact information below).  

Each candidate will then be asked to submit a photograph, short biography, and statement indicating their interest in the position (maximum 250 words) in the language(s) of his/her choice. 

Position descriptions from the By-Laws of the EDC revised in February, 2018 (https://edc.stlhe.ca/your-edc/bylaws_elections/#bylaws):

7.3.1.Caucus Chair whose term of office shall be two years, with a maximum of two consecutive terms, and who shall be responsible for providing overall leadership,liaising with STLHE through membership on the STLHE Board of Directors, raising the profile of educational development, and coordinating special educational development initiatives

7.3.4.Vice-Chair (Professional Development) whose term of office shall be two years, with a maximum of two consecutive terms, and who shall be responsible for coordinating professional development opportunities, and organizing regular meetings

For more information about the executive positions of the EDC caucus, visit the website at: 


Thank you for your interest and contributions to EDC.  We look forward to hearing from you by Friday, April 24, 2020.

The EDC Nominations Committee 

Dale Lackeyram, University of Guelph, dlackeyr@uoguelph.ca

Natasha May, York University, maynat@yorku.ca 

Brian Nairn, York University, nairn1@yorku.ca

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