Results of Special Meeting Motion

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Dear EDC Community,

Monday afternoon, we met in record numbers (92 people) for an EDC Meeting (General, Special, or otherwise) with 50 Members voting by e-ballot. I presented the following motion, and it was seconded by Tim Loblaw:

The Educational Developers Caucus officially declines participation in the STLHE EDI Task force and declares we are not represented by the current STLHE EDI Task force processes.

The results of the vote by numbers are as follows:
30 = Yes
6 = No
10 = Abstain
4 = unresolved technical issues

With these numbers, the motion officially passes. The Educational Developers Caucus officially declines participation in the STLHE EDI Task Force, and the Educational Developers Caucus declares we are not represented by the current STLHE EDI Task force processes.

Technical Issues with the Vote
We did have Members who experienced technical issues with SimpleSurvey and the one-click-limit. Options of resetting, of a second link, and of e-mailing votes to the Online Event Coordinator were provided. Our Coordinator was the only one with the password and access to the voting software, links, and resolution with the tech.

In full, open, and transparent disclosure, two Members e-mailed intimating widespread issues with the tech that caused them concerns over the validity, reliability, and confidentiality of the vote – by our numbers above, these were not. More than four folks experienced link issues, but the Online Event Coordinator was able to resolve all but four to get the votes working in ways that satisfied both the Members and the process.

We heard from our community members the pain, hurt, and harm that has been caused as a result of STLHE and EDI Task Force actions. It is time to move forward. Deep thanks to all who participated, engaged, and reached out!

Going forward
Starting from a relational accountability standpoint in the new year, we will expand and continue the discussions. The EDC Community will lead the decision-making of a decolonial and anti-racist process. With recognition of the time of year, we will initiate opportunities for community dialogue and input after the winter break in January. The EDC proposed 2021 budget – provided to the EDC membership in November and awaiting STLHE board approval – has set funding aside for an EDI special project that could fund advisors and this process.

We will listen, and we want to hear from you
For those who put their names forward to be the representative, we know our actions impacted you. Please reach out directly to any member of the EDC Executive, and we will be most happy to engage in open dialogue with you.

For those who are worried or feel stretched, we will support you in this process.

For those of you who were not in attendance, could not vote as Members, and/or have unresolved feelings on this meeting, motion, and decision, what does this work need to do going forward?

We will hold open space, with opportunities set in the new year.

We recognize
We recognize the exclusion and harm our systems perpetuate on people in our community, and we are committed to:

  • Consultation with the EDC Community in an ongoing and respectful manner;
  • Taking a decolonization and anti-racism approach; and
  • Continuing to prioritize EDC as a Community of Educational Developers and listening to the expertise and lived experience from the EDC Community and beyond.

We trust that STLHE leadership respects the EDC Community journeying. We are unlearning, learning, and relearning, and we look forward to finding ways to share together.

With thanks to all who engaged.


Mandy Frake-Mistak
As Secretary, Educational Developers Caucus
Meeting Minutes of the Special Meeting of the EDC Community

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