Annual General Meeting Reminder

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Happy Tuesday EDC!

With our annual conference starting tomorrow (hooray!), this is also a friendly reminder of our Annual General Meeting (AGM) scheduled to take place on Thursday February 18, from 12:00-12:45PM Central Standard Time. All are welcome to attend – you needn’t be registered for the conference or be an active member of the EDC, however, you must be an EDC Member in good standing in order to vote (e.g. to approve minutes, the agenda). Here is the link to attend:

During the AGM, the EDC community will have an opportunity to dialogue about the suspension of the EDC Chair by the STLHE Board. We have created a google form to allow us to identify the most common member questions in advance of the AGM. Because our time together at the AGM is quite limited, we will not be able to raise and address all collected questions and will be unable to address questions that are not submitted in advance. We will retain your questions and endeavour to write to you to answer your questions following the meeting and/or use these questions to prepare for the upcoming meeting of the EDC community to be held on Wednesday March 3, 1:00PM to 2:00PM Central Standard Time (link forthcoming). Here is the link to the google form to submit your question:

We are truly looking forward to this time together as an EDC community and extend our most sincere thanks to the conference organizers, all guests and speakers, and all who make the EDC so special.

The Exec Team

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