EDC Listserv Update to the STLHE board (as requested for the May 2021 board meeting)

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The EDC Listserv (stlhe-ido) is a primary channel for proactive outreach, targeting new-to-ED and periodic members who often renew for key opportunities, as well as providing a community-oriented space for ongoing members.

The EDC Listserv is the official place to publicly post announcements, acting as a recruitment funnel for people to renew or sign on as members. When tracked, we have seen an increase in membership after grant or event postings on the EDC Listserv.

As of May 7th, 2021, there are 627 registrations on the EDC Listserv. A brief review of the list alongside current membership (274 as of April 27th) and past membership reports reveal existing, periodic as well as new members on the listserv.

Managed, zero financial cost

The EDC Listserv is managed regularly by the EDC Vice-Chair, Communications.

Contacts for new EDC members are sent regularly to Vice-Chair, Communications by AOR in their capacity as STLHE administrative support. The EDC Vice-Chair, Communications welcomes them by email and includes them in the EDC Listserv.

EDC Listserv members can self-unsubscribe, and individuals interested can request to join by email.

Individuals post jobs, events they are proud of, teaching and learning institutional events they organize, questions, requests for resources and speaker suggestions, and celebrations. Emotional valuing and positive sentiments for the space are moderate to high among long-time members. The EDC Listserv is welcoming and encouraging to students and individuals considering or adjacent to educational development. Other social media platforms complement the listserv.

The financial cost to STLHE is zero as we do not pay a hosting fee.

Overall, the EDC Listserv is, has been, and continues to be a zero cost, high value endeavour with demonstrated impact for member engagement, outreach and recruitment, growth, community, and satisfaction.

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