This Just In! Seeking EDC Awards Coordinator!

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The EDC is seeking an Awards Coordinator to oversee the promotion, application process, and adjudication of our two educational development awards: the Distinguished Career and the Leadership awards. The Awards processes are well-established, and the incoming Coordinator would have the benefit of at the ready a detailed timeline of activities, various exemplars and sample communications, and mentorship from the out-going Vice Chair, Awards and Recognition. To date, the Awards processes follow a regular cycle with the most significant activities happening between the months of September and February. The incoming Coordinator can expect to dedicate 2 – 4 hours/week to Awards work during this period and would ideally be open to a 2-year Coordinator term (June 2021 – June 2023).

If you have questions about or are interested in this role, please reach out to Natasha Hannon, Vice-Chair Awards and Recognition ( by June 7, 2021.