Notice of vote e-mail and thank you

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Twenty years ago, educational developers formed EDC to provide a space for community, professional development, and the furthering of educational development by creating a space within STLHE at that time.

A July 2021 vote marks a new potential step for EDC: a possible independence option provided by STLHE leadership to the EDC Futures Group.

Current members and recent members (June 2016 onwards) have been sent an e-mail from the EDC Future Group. The e-mail sent Tuesday, July 6th would have come from Tommy Mayberry as Vice-Chair, Communications of EDC. If you are a recent or current member and did not receive the e-mail, please contact

Thank you, current and recent EDC members, for engaging in this process, and thank you to the EDC Future Group for stewarding July sessions and the vote. See their e-mail for more details and drop-in info session.

Thank you!

Your EDC Executive