EDC Separation Results and Path Forward

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Thank you to current Members and recent Members for engaging in the polling. Thank you to the EDC Futures Group (Celia Popovic, Jen Ward, Jess Nicol, Jessie Richards, Jill McSweeney, Laura Winer, Lauren Anstey, Mel Young, and Tereigh Ewert) for stewarding the discussion, info sessions, and the poll vote. Thank you to the STLHE Board for the option to separate as a group (to negotiate in good faith and request dissolution as a group by the Board in a planned manner and timeline). Thank you to the EDC Members and Community!

We will work together to co-create EDC’s path forward.


Current members (128 responses from total pool of 293 – 44%)

66% Yes, 26% No, 7% Abstained  https://reporting.alchemer-ca.com/r/50003294_60e329e94a5537.46819607

Recent members (54 responses from total pool of 427 – 13%)

74% Yes, 17% No, 9% Abstained   https://reporting.alchemer-ca.com/r/50003294_60e3293dd83cd7.30506079

Recent Members included people who had a paid membership at least once since June 2016 but were currently not Members.

The results were described as showing a clear preference of more than 2/3 of those who voted in favour of the dissolution of EDC from STLHE. The EDC Futures Group were pleased to see this level of engagement in the vote, given that it is usual in Social Sciences to struggle to get more than 10% response to an unsolicited email.

Path Forward for Co-Creating Together

We recognize that our Members are at multiple stages of the journey on this news. Some are ready to build, some are still in uncertainty, some are saddened and some confused. These results bring change to the EDC you know, and any change is a journey of losing, uncertainty, and new beginnings where we find openings and sense of belonging again (Bridges & Bridges, 2017). Individually, we are at different places in this journey; collectively, we are in every place: together, we will find our way with integrity and open community.

EDC Exec are committed to negotiating in good faith a dissolution of EDC from STLHE no later than July 1, 2022 as per the original poll letter.

August 10th Community meeting

August 10, 2021 1-2:30 AT | 12-1:30 ET | 11-12:30 CT | 10-11:30 MT | 9-10:30 PT

Register for this meeting to receive a confirmation e-mail with the link. 


Following the July vote to separate, EDC Members and Community are invited to an open community meeting to discuss the path forward, hear brief updates on transition working groups, and engage in a facilitated discussion and open Q&A. Using registration allows us to post it on the EDC website and to plan for numbers.

Three working groups to co-create

To achieve this transition to separate by July 1, 2022, the EDC needs support along three interconnected strands. You are invited to any of these three working (action) groups:

  1. Visioning for big picture living plan, mandate/vision, values (Exec rep + Members action group)
  2. Exiting the specific negotiations with STLHE around copyright of materials, financial surplus, membership rolls, publisher of guides (Exec rep + Members action group). Interfaces with logistics to confirm details & navigating programming.
  3. Logistics setup for website, incorporation paperwork, banking, translation plans (Exec + Members action group)

Ongoing Programming 

The EDC Exec are committed to continuing ongoing grants, awards, conferences, accreditation, guides, institutes, communities of practice and action groups, including centre leaders meetings. This work will inform and interconnect with the working groups above, and be led as usual by Exec and Coordinators with hosts, co-creators, and volunteer reviewers. In particular, we are seeking a Guide Editor as well as an Institute Coordinator.

Decolonial, Anti-racist, and Anti-oppressive Approaches to EDI Funding

Decolonial, anti-racist, and anti-oppressive approaches to EDI funding, once available, will also be determined by the Community through a facilitated process and will be part of the above strands. The intention is to engage the EDC Community in planning in early Fall.

E-mail email@carolynhoessler.ca (Carolyn, EDC Chair) if you would like to join a group and/or if you have any questions.

There will be regular updates to the Community via the website for these strands. We have heard the need to communicate transparently but also keep e-mails reasonable. 

Thank you,

EDC Exec