RE: STLHE’s Message to the EDC Membership

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Dear EDC Members,

We have read STLHE’s unilateral announcements with shock and betrayal. They emailed the EDC Executive within minutes of the EDC membership and STLHE membership. No notice was given to EDC Executive.

We did not request dissolution this month. We requested conversations to lead to dissolving to take place together prior to the voted on July 1, 2022 dissolution with the final date being provided to the EDC membership. As their multiple emails disagree with each other, we are unable to confirm if the motion has been passed by STLHE board or if they are voting on November 19th. We declare they are misrepresenting the request.

We have requested multiple times for STLHE to meet with the EDC Exiting team since August. They have not once confirmed a meeting with us. They have not responded to requests to meet about EDC budget for 2022. And they have not agreed to release the funds EDC members have stewarded.

Note this dissolution would allow STLHE not to release the equity funding promised to EDC membership in the 2021 budget. Their unilateral action is proposing to create STLHE educational developers in place of EDC.

Fundamentally, STLHE board has misrepresented the vote to separate as it was STLHE leadership that requested the vote in July of EDC members.

Essentially they are attempting to silence and close EDC Executive and EDC community down. We have not requested any of this misleading or mistreatment by the STLHE board. We ask members to sign the following participation.

Petition <>

EDC Equity funding meeting currently scheduled for November 17th; will include a discussion about an anti-oppressive equity framework <>


on behalf of EDC Exec