COVID Resources & Discussion

Connect and Share and Learn:
  • EDC Listserv has an active discussion ongoing
  • our co-curated community resources, created as part of STLHE

Webinars: Emerging Strategies for COVID discussion & resource sharing

  • Tuesday March 17th, 1-2pm EDT Online session – Emerging Strategies (communication, moving online, assessing) – Video & resources will be posted at
  • Monday March 23rd, 2-3pm EDT Online session – Emerging Strategies – details at
  • week of March 30the – Well-being  
Conversations hosted by Erika (EDC Chair), Mandy (EDC Secretary), Carolyn (EDC VC Communication), and Denise (STLHE President)

EDC Grants – Spring Call

Call for Proposals
Looking for funding for a project that would make a difference to educational development in Canada?
Educational Developer Caucus grant proposals (between $500 to $3000) are due April 30 (Spring Call) and October 31 (Fall Call).

Reminder that the principal investigator needs to be an EDC member. If you have any questions please email Kris Knorr, EDC Grants Coordinator (

Call for Reviewers
Interested in reviewing grants and learning more about the process? Available between May 1-15 and/or November 1-15?
We are glad to have new and experienced reviewers to join us and be recognized in the list of reviewers on our website. To volunteer please email me (