EDC Awards – Call for Nominations

Dear colleagues,

Nominations for the EDC Leadership or Distinguished Career Awards are due on Friday, October 8, 2021 at 16:30 EST. These awards represent an important opportunity to publicly acknowledge and express our collective gratitude for the work of educational developers across Canada.  

The Distinguished Educational Development Career Award recognizes individuals with 15+ years of service in educational development who have made repeated meaningful contributions to the field of educational development at the local, provincial and national levels and to the EDC community. 

The Educational Developer Leadership Award recognizes individuals who have demonstrated exceptional leadership skills working on a teaching and learning project or initiative that benefits the educational development community.

These awards will be awarded at the 2022 Educational Developers Caucus Conference. The deadline for submitting nomination packages in support of each award is Friday, October 8, 2021 at 16:30 EST. Eligibility information and submission requirements follow. We encourage you to consider nominating yourself or a colleague for these awards

Questions can be directed to Sanja Ivanov at ivanov.sanja2@gmail.com.  

This Just In! Seeking EDC Awards Coordinator!

The EDC is seeking an Awards Coordinator to oversee the promotion, application process, and adjudication of our two educational development awards: the Distinguished Career and the Leadership awards. The Awards processes are well-established, and the incoming Coordinator would have the benefit of at the ready a detailed timeline of activities, various exemplars and sample communications, and mentorship from the out-going Vice Chair, Awards and Recognition. To date, the Awards processes follow a regular cycle with the most significant activities happening between the months of September and February. The incoming Coordinator can expect to dedicate 2 – 4 hours/week to Awards work during this period and would ideally be open to a 2-year Coordinator term (June 2021 – June 2023).

If you have questions about or are interested in this role, please reach out to Natasha Hannon, Vice-Chair Awards and Recognition (nhannon@niagaracollege.ca) by June 7, 2021.

Introducing…Your New EDC Executive!

Following our 2021 EDC Executive Election – and a huge “Thank you!” to the EDC Nominations Committee: Julia Evanovitch, Carolyn Ives, Natasha May, and Brian Nairn for making this happen – we have our new EDC Executive!

As of the June 2021 General Meeting (GM), your EDC Executive is:

  • EDC Chair – Carolyn Hoessler
  • EDC Vice-Chair, Conferences – Richard Li
  • EDC Vice-Chair, Professional Development – Daniel Braun
  • EDC Vice-Chair, Communications – Tommy Mayberry
  • EDC Treasurer – Jenn Martin

And a very warm welcome to the incoming folks joining – we’re so happy you’re with us, Richard and Daniel!

We also, as of the June 2021 GM, are biding farewell and extending deep, deep gratitude to some folks who are completing their terms with us as EDC Executive and who have been incredible leaders within the EDC, especially in this unprecedented year – they are:

  • Erika Kustra (outgoing EDC Past-Chair)
  • Cosette Lemelin (outgoing EDC Vice-Chair, Conferences)
  • Natasha Patrito Hannon (outgoing EDC Vice-Chair, Awards and Recognition)
  • Mandy Frake-Mistak (outgoing EDC Secretary)

Missed, but never forgotten. Thank you, Erika, Cosette, Natasha, and Mandy for your love, light, support, dedication, and service to the EDC Community.