Show and Tell Sessions

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Let the celebrating begin!

We have a wonderful lineup of Show and Tell video presentations which will be shared during our 2021 EDC Conference: Celebrating, Connecting, and Caring for Ourselves.

The following lineup showcase and demonstrate a portion of concrete usable tools, strategies, and practices helpful to your work as an Educational Developer.

We have many reasons to be proud of our work in our field and of our individual accomplishments this year. These videos are an opportunity for us to celebrate some of those accomplishments.

Feel free to add comments or cheers in the Zoom chat for the Show and Tell on February 17th.

Illustrating Theory: Making abstract concepts visible through animation

—Jamie Mayoh-Bauche (University of Regina) [Watch here!]

Jamie Mayoh-Bauche is an instructional designer at the Johnson Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy. She develops learning for both academic and professional development contexts. Jamie is passionate about education through visual engagement, joy, and play. She has worked in a variety of roles in adult and higher education, including as an instructor and administrator. Jamie is also a learner herself and has recently begun a PhD in Education, Curriculum, and Instruction with a focus on educational technology.

Fit For Online Learning

—Joerdis Weilandt and the Teaching Centre Team (University of Lethbridge) [Watch here!]

The University of Lethbridge Teaching Centre designed and facilitated this OER online bootcamp course to support our faculty, instructors, and graduate students moving to a completely online delivery model as a response to the COVID-19 outbreak. Since its first iteration in April 2020, the course has undergone significant modifications based on participant feedback. We hope the resources will have a longer lasting and wider appeal to the higher education community.

Using Google Docs to Structure and Monitor Breakout Room Activity

—Adriana Brook (Brock University) [Watch here!]

Adriana is currently pursuing a full time Master’s of Education at Brock University with a focus on teaching and learning in higher education and under the supervision of Nicola Simmons. She is also an instructor at Trent University in the Department of Ancient Greek and Roman Studies and this coming winter will be teaching Gods, Heroes, and Monsters asynchronously and Approaches to Classical Literature in a hybrid synchronous/asynchronous format. She received her PhD in Classics from the University of Toronto in 2014 and has been teaching at the undergraduate level since then.

Relationships and learning in a course design intensive for faculty

—Isabeau Iqbal, Judy Chan, and Sue Hampton (University of British Columbia, Vancouver) [Watch here!]

Isabeau Iqbal, Judy Chan, and Sue Hampton are educational developers at the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology at UBC Vancouver.

This video describes the shift from a face-to-face Course Design Intensive workshop for faculty members to an online offering. We share about the attention we took to fostering relationships between participants and facilitators to support learning. We highlight three specific strategies that contributed to the success of the workshop.

kiskēyihtamowin asiwacikan

—Kim Fellner, on behalf of the Academic Model 1.5 Committee (Saskatchewan Polytechnic) [Watch here!]

Kim Fellner serves as Indigenous Curriculum & Pedagogy Advisor with the Instructional and Leadership Development Centre at Saskatchewan Polytechnic. Kim is part of a committee from various programs and departments throughout Saskatchewan Polytechnic dedicated to indigenization and reconciliation. kiskēyihtamowin asiwacikan is a product of the committee’s ongoing work and commitment.

Rapid Online Course Design at Western and Ryerson

—Beth Hundey (Western University), Michelle Schwartz and Curtis Maloley (Ryerson University) [Watch here!]

Beth Hundey (Western University), Michelle Schwartz (Ryerson University), and Curtis Maloley (Ryerson University) are Educational Developers who put their shared interest in supporting instructors through the rapid move online together to create an online version of the Creative Commons ABC Course Design Workshop. Find out what they produced, what participants learned, and how they adapted their creation for their respective institutions.

Launching an inter-institutional, virtual, teaching and learning centre

—Heather Carroll & Dr. Jessica Riddell (Maple League of Universities) [Watch here!]

Heather Carroll is the Director of the Virtual Teaching and Learning Centre at the Maple League of Universities. She holds a Master’s of Learning and Teaching from Harvard University and a Master’s of International Higher Education from Loyola University Chicago. She is a 2014 3M National Student Fellow.

Dr. Jessica Riddell is a Full Professor of Early Modern Literature in the English Department at Bishop’s University. Dr. Riddell is a 2015 3M National Teaching Fellow. She holds the Stephen A. Jarislowsky Chair of Undergraduate Teaching Excellence at Bishop’s University and is the Executive Director of the Maple League of Universities.

Intercultural Toolkit: A Faculty Resource Dedicated to Culturally Responsive Teaching

—Selinda England (Saskatchewan Polytechnic) [Watch here!]

Selinda England (MA TESOL) is a subject matter expert on culturally responsive education and teaching diverse learners. She has lived and worked in Canada, the U.S., Thailand and Japan. Selinda currently works at Saskatchewan Polytechnic in the Learning & Teaching division as an Intercultural Educator and Facilitator.

Fully Asynchronous Microteaching Sessions: A Pilot for Graduate Students

—Kristin Brown, Ellen Cameron, Monika Soczewinski, and Svitlana Taraban-Gordon (University of Waterloo) [Watch here!]

Kristin Brown, Ellen Cameron, Monika Soczewinski, and Svitlana Taraban-Gordon are all members of the Graduate Programming team at the University of Waterloo Centre for Teaching Excellence. This video describes fully asynchronous microteaching sessions that were piloted in January 2021 as part of the Fundamentals of University Teaching program for graduate students.

Educational Developers Thinking Allowed

—Celia Popovic (York University) [Watch here!]

Celia Popovic, Associate Professor at York University, Co-editor of EDTA with Fiona Smart, at Edinburgh Napier University in the UK.

An Open Access Guide to Creating a Teaching Dossier

—Brit Paris and Cheryl Jeffs (University of Calgary) [Watch here!]

Cheryl Jeffs, EdD is an educational development consultant and faculty member at the University of Calgary’s Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning. Her commitment to excellence in teaching and learning is through a range of research-informed educational programs and initiatives, courses, consultations and collaborative projects. 

Brit Paris, MA is a PhD Candidate and research assistant at the University of Calgary, and an educational developer and faculty member at Capilano University’s Centre for Teaching Excellence. With a research focus on student assessment and feedback, she has been involved in a range of initiatives at UCalgary and is currently developing new programming at CapU.

Engagement and Community Building Through Presence

—Benjamin Laskar (Centennial College, Ontario) [Watch here!]

Benjamin Laskar has been a Professor of Teaching and Learning for over twelve years at Centennial College in Toronto, Ontario.

Supported Course Redesign (SCoRe)

—Stephanie Horsley and Joe Lipsett (Western University) [Watch here!]

Western University’s Stephanie Horsley (Acting Associate Director, eLearning) and Joe Lipsett (eLearning and Curriculum Specialist) provide an overview of the Centre for Teaching and Learning’s SCoRe program.

Supported Course Redesign (SCoRe) is an eight-week asynchronous community of practice that supports faculty teaching large-enrollment face-to-face courses to redesign their course and teach online. In addition to a dedicated LMS site with lessons and activities, participants met synchronously for 7 weeks to brainstorm, share and celebrate their achievements. Survey data confirms that participants increased their knowledge of effective online course design, online instruction and their ability to use the learning management system.

Discussing Decolonization: Shifting a drop-in gathering from in-person to online

—Robin Attas, Lindsay Brant, and Ian Fanning (Queen’s University) [Watch here!]

Lindsay Brant is a Kanienʼkehá꞉ka Educational Developer (Indigenous Pedagogies and Ways of Knowing) in the Centre for Teaching and Learning at Queen’s University. Ian Fanning is an Algonquin/settler adjunct faculty member at Queen’s University, Ryerson University, and First Nations Technical Institute. Robin Attas is a settler Educational Developer in the Centre for Teaching and Learning at Queen’s University.

Social Media and Stepping: Self-care and Wellness at Work

—Emily Ballantyne and the Teaching and Learning Centre and Online Learning Team (Mount St. Vincent University)

Dr. Emily Ballantyne is the Instructional Developer for the Teaching and Learning Centre and Online Learning at Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax, N.S. She works as a faculty consultant on all aspects of online learning, pedagogy and course development. She bought a pedometer in the fall and is revitalized by her office’s virtual step challenge and community support page.

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