August 10, 2021 Open Community Meeting

August 10, 2021 Open Community Meeting

1-2:30 AT | 12-1:30 ET | 11-12:30 CT | 10-11:30 MT | 9-10:30 PT

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Agenda for August 10th

  1. Welcome and acknowledging land and what that means for our process
  2. Explain the steps to creating new EDC on paper with a bank account, and exiting STLHE as a group
  3. Discuss with the membership the timelines and seek guidance from members in a meeting poll to see when to leave STLHE:
  • December 31, 2021 – fiscal year end; after grants and awards; allows some time for visioning basics Aug – Oct, new corporation documents and account setup, and four months for negotiating
  • March 30, 2022 – after conference; longer time for visioning basics, setup and negotiating; new financial year in STLHE; EDC Elections in new setup.
  • July 1, 2022 – latest date noted in the poll; longest time for visioning basics, setup and negotiating; new financial year in STLHE, and post EDC-elections.
    Note: Earlier than December 2021 not recommended by EDC Executive due to impact on programming and on ability to vision with members. Given the need to build in good ways, a very fast build would rush this visioning. Programming would also be impacted including grants and awards.

4. Call for additional volunteers for Visioning, Logistics and Exiting (see Call below)

5. Collaborative visioning

Please contact EDC Chair, Carolyn Hoessler to be included in a working group.

EDC Separation Results and Path Forward

Thank you to current Members and recent Members for engaging in the polling. Thank you to the EDC Futures Group (Celia Popovic, Jen Ward, Jess Nicol, Jessie Richards, Jill McSweeney, Laura Winer, Lauren Anstey, Mel Young, and Tereigh Ewert) for stewarding the discussion, info sessions, and the poll vote. Thank you to the STLHE Board for the option to separate as a group (to negotiate in good faith and request dissolution as a group by the Board in a planned manner and timeline). Thank you to the EDC Members and Community!

We will work together to co-create EDC’s path forward.


Current members (128 responses from total pool of 293 – 44%)

66% Yes, 26% No, 7% Abstained

Recent members (54 responses from total pool of 427 – 13%)

74% Yes, 17% No, 9% Abstained

Recent Members included people who had a paid membership at least once since June 2016 but were currently not Members.

The results were described as showing a clear preference of more than 2/3 of those who voted in favour of the dissolution of EDC from STLHE. The EDC Futures Group were pleased to see this level of engagement in the vote, given that it is usual in Social Sciences to struggle to get more than 10% response to an unsolicited email.

Path Forward for Co-Creating Together

We recognize that our Members are at multiple stages of the journey on this news. Some are ready to build, some are still in uncertainty, some are saddened and some confused. These results bring change to the EDC you know, and any change is a journey of losing, uncertainty, and new beginnings where we find openings and sense of belonging again (Bridges & Bridges, 2017). Individually, we are at different places in this journey; collectively, we are in every place: together, we will find our way with integrity and open community.

EDC Exec are committed to negotiating in good faith a dissolution of EDC from STLHE no later than July 1, 2022 as per the original poll letter.

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Notice of vote e-mail and thank you

*en anglaise seulement*

Twenty years ago, educational developers formed EDC to provide a space for community, professional development, and the furthering of educational development by creating a space within STLHE at that time.

A July 2021 vote marks a new potential step for EDC: a possible independence option provided by STLHE leadership to the EDC Futures Group.

Current members and recent members (June 2016 onwards) have been sent an e-mail from the EDC Future Group. The e-mail sent Tuesday, July 6th would have come from Tommy Mayberry as Vice-Chair, Communications of EDC. If you are a recent or current member and did not receive the e-mail, please contact

Thank you, current and recent EDC members, for engaging in this process, and thank you to the EDC Future Group for stewarding July sessions and the vote. See their e-mail for more details and drop-in info session.

Thank you!

Your EDC Executive