COVID Resources & Discussion (en anglais; Certaines ressources sont en français, recherchez «(en français)»)

This post is also available in: English (Anglais)

Connect and Share and Learn:
  • EDC Listserv has an active discussion ongoing
  • Webinar Tuesday March 17th, 1-2pm EDT (details below)
  • our co-curated community resources, created as part of STLHE (Certaines ressources sont en français)

Webinar: Emerging Strategies for COVID discussion & resource sharing

Online discussion facilitated by the EDC exec and STLHE President as a collective opportunity to share resources, strategies, questions, and implications of the evolving COVID context and institutional responses.
Tuesday, March 17th, 1 – 2pm (EDT) (2:30 NDT; 2pm ADT; 12pm CDT; 11am MDT; 10am PDT)
Conversation hosted by Erika (EDC Chair), Mandy (EDC Secretary), Carolyn (EDC VC Communication), Lisa (EDC coordinator), and Denise (STLHE President)

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