To our EDC Community

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To our EDC community,

This post is to update you on the EDC’s concerns with involvement in the STLHE EDI Task Force. 

The EDC Executive has been engaging in unlearning and learning for the last few years to understand how our processes and systems perpetuate colonialism, marginalization, and racism. In response to recent actions by STLHE with and through the STLHE EDI Task Force, the EDC Executive proposes “Non-Participation”’ in the STLHE EDI Task Force. We are also in the process of revisiting and revising our EDC Values, Mission, and Living Plan.

Read more for the background, Proposal of Non-Participation, and the commitments outlined by the EDC selection committee co-created with EDC Executive and colleagues with expertise and lived experiences in their September 21, 2020 letter “To the Chair of the STLHE and the Chair of the STLHE’s Task Force on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion.

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