Action Groups & Communities of Practice

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Members of the EDC often collaborate as part of Action Groups and/or Communities of Practice to help enhance our EDC engagement, community, and everyday practice. By doing so, members are also participating in the advancement of the EDC Living Plan.

Within this page you will be linked to past, present, and ongoing initiatives and resources as we collectively recognize the exemplary contributions made by the many members of the EDC Community.

What is an Action Group and Community of practice?

Action groups are made up of a variety of individuals who come together for a set period (e.g. once a month for six months, or three times a week for one month) to accomplish specific tasks or to take part in some form of collective action. Once the intended outcomes of the group have been met, or the purpose of the action group has been achieved, the group disbands.

Communities of practice differ from Action Groups in some ways. A Community of Practice is made up of a group of individuals who share a mutual interest for something and pursue it collective over an undefined period (Wenger et al, 2002). The purpose may be to join colleagues to learn and explore aspects of a particular topic without a specific call to action.

See Our List of Current EDC Action Groups and Communities of Practice

Current Action Groups

Current Communities of Practice

Past Action Groups and Communities of Practices

  • Future of EDC Action Group – visioning the future of EDC as own organization
  • ED Resource Action Group – created ED Resources Page
  • Rewards & Recognition Action Group – Summary of Action Group Findings; proposal for awards
  • Living Plan Revision Action Group – Updated Living Plan
  • Education for Sustainability Action Group – Summary of Action Group Contributions
  • Educational Developers Portfolio Action Group – Summary of ED Portfolio resources, Guide
  • Accreditation for Centres’ Courses and Programs Action Group – Accreditation Discussion Paper, EDC Accreditation webpage
  • EDC Ethical Principles for ED Practice Action Group – EDC Institute 2012 & 2013 Webpages
  • Social Media Action Group – Overview of Action Group
  • Mentorship Action Group  – Summary of Mentorship Resources

Join an Action Group

To join any current Action Group or Community or Practice or to request additional information, please connect directly with the Lead(s) identified above.

For further questions, please contact Mandy Frake-Mistak <> (Secretary).

Create an Action Group

To submit a proposal for a new EDC Action Group, or for a proposal for a new Community of Practice, please email Mandy Frake-Mistak <> (Secretary).


For questions, additional information, or to submit a proposal for a new EDC Action Group or Community of Practice, please contact Mandy Frake-Mistak <> (Secretary).

Info about what is an action group, how to join, and current and past groups is available at:

Info about what is a Community of Practice, how to join, and current and past groups is available at: